I'm Kenda Newbury, known as Ms. Kenda or Coach Kenda.  


I have been actively involved within the professional dance world (performer, choreographer, instructor, professor of dance, artistic director, founder/creator, dance judge, technique advisor, board member) for over 40 years. 

I have coached collegiate and professional athletes and many hundreds of dancers/movers which are/were either in professional dance companies, college dance departments, competition studios, cruise lines, Broadway shows, classical or jazz dance companies, pom/dance teams, cheer, gymnastics, synchronized swimmers, WGI and more.  I have a variety of certifications, a MFA, years of teaching in dance facilities & colleges/universities and managing my own performance companies.  I have taught/performed throughout  Europe, England, Australia and the United States.  My teaching philosophy is one of preservation, application of proper technique, breathe, and artistry. I believe that every athlete and artists is capable if the correct body awareness and correct education of approach to movement, flexibility, dance is given them.  My diverse background allows for this to occur; and I've the education to work with many body types.


I am available to help you, an athlete & artist, gain better use of your body, stronger technique, freedom in artistry (or athleticism), more flexibility for your art form or sport, and more strength in a safe and life sustaining way.  Privates, Semi-Privates & Group Classes available.


  • Master Dance Instructor

  • Flexibility, Movement & Mobility Coach for Pro/Collegiate Athletes

  • Privates & Semi-Privates available - dance, flexibility, pom/cheer, and more

  • Artistic Director - AZDance Group & NEWDance

  • Creator/Founder - Movement E-Motion (MEM)

  • Amateur Action Photographer - sports, equine, dance, theater

  • Certified Instructor - SAFESPORT, NFHS, Russian Teacher Seminar (ABT similar), PBT, more

Quotes since the 80's: 

  • Quality over Quantity

  • Dance is for every single BODY

  • Technique & Artistry over Tricks

  • You have Everything to SHARE & Nothing to Prove


Founder, Creator, Artistic Director

* 40 years in professional dance world

* MFA, The Boston Conservatory

* Two Children, Happy with Hubby

* Professor of Dance - Dean College, BU, Boston College

* Instructor - Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education, Phoenix School of Ballet, Arizona Ballet, Le Studio (Australia), Pineapple Dance Studio (London), Dynamic Motion Dance Academy, Spisaks, La Pierre, Royal Dance Works

Performer -  World Wide - Classical Ballet Companies to Cruise Ships

* Choreographer - Entertainment & Concert Dance Works from Super Bowl XXX Half Time Production with Ms. Diana Ross to Black Box Theater works

photo to left - Patty Kaufman, ItsUPhoto, Phoenix, AZ