Bio-Ms. Kenda

Kenda Newbury

Actively involved within the professional dance world (performer, choreographer, instructor, dance judge, board member) for over 40 years. 


  • Connecting dancers to their bodies so that they can continue and excel in dance in a technique & artistry-based environment

  • My teaching is based upon science, years of study anatomy/physics & different dancer/athlete bodies related to dance, personal experiences, working with a variety of different bodies, mindsets, ages & levels

  • The outcome, I hope, is a student will continue to love dance, learn to work hard in a safe (both in mind and body way) and be challenged, learn to apply corrections, and know that dance is a never-ending learning process. I want to raise dancers that although may not continue "in" dance on a professional level, but will forever apply what they learned in the dance class/performance environment to every day living situations.

  • Connecting with teens and adults in ballet, jazz, cheer, pom, dance team, competitive teams, student companies and professional dance companies.

  • Working with WGI, marching bands, athletes, competition choirs, musicals, POM teams, and more

Quotes since the 80's: 

  • Quality over Quantity

  • Dance is for every single BODY

  • Technique & Artistry over Tricks

  • You have Everything to SHARE & Nothing to Prove

Large Scale Production Experiences:  co-choreographer/assistant choreographer Super Bowl XXX  Half Time Production with Ms. Diana Ross / Judy Chubola Director; choreographer Margarita Bowl; choreographer Insight dot com bowl games; Boston College Marching Band and Dance Team half time choreographer; World Catholic Day tv 1million viewers & stage show

Main Stage Choreographer:  Boston College Theater Department; Stagelight; Desert Stages; Boston Opera; Boston Ballet II; Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education; SK2; Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble; AZDance Group; Movement E-Motion, Boston College Dance Team basketball & football, Central High School POM Team, Harvard, BU guest choreographer/teacher

Former artist with Boston Ballet, Chicago Lyric, Gus Giordano, Hubbard Street, Ballet de Americas, Luigi, Jaimi, Phoenix Ballet (original), Arizona Ballet (original), Phoenix School of Ballet, Princess Cruise Lines, P&O, Arizona Cardinals and more.


  • Master Dance Instructor

  • Flexibility, Movement & Mobility Coach for Pro/Collegiate Athletes

  • Privates & Semi-Privates available - dance, flexibility, pom/cheer, and more

  • Artistic Director - AZDance Group & NEWDance

  • Creator/Founder - Movement E-Motion (MEM)

  • Amateur Action Photographer - sports, equine, dance, theater



Founder, Creator, Artistic Director

* 40 years in professional dance world

* MFA, The Boston Conservatory

* Two Children, Happy with Hubby

* Professor of Dance - Dean College, BU, Boston College

* Instructor - Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education, Phoenix School of Ballet, Arizona Ballet, Le Studio (Australia), Pineapple Dance Studio (London), Dynamic Motion Dance Academy, Spisaks, La Pierre, Royal Dance Works

Performer -  World Wide - Classical Ballet Companies to Cruise Ships

* Choreographer - Entertainment & Concert Dance Works from Super Bowl XXX Half Time Production with Ms. Diana Ross to Black Box Theater works