Ms. Kenda, the nurturer of dancers, believes in educating dancers, reaching out to those that might be given up on and inspiring her dancers. Teaching correct foundation over tricks and instant gratification, the dancers she's been blessed to have coached, many are performing in a variety of well known companies & she is still in contact with them. She feels eternally grateful for each child, young adult and adult dancer she has had the opportunity to coach or teach, even for a small part of their dance journey.


Kenda has had the opportunity to coach a multitude of individuals & groups - from young student dancers & pre-professional to professional dancers; collegiate and professional ball players; synchronized swim teams; musical theater students and professionals; equestrians; dance teams and pom lines; country western line teams; beginning dancers and many more. If interested, please reach out to her.

Choreographer/Coach - Boston College Dance Teams; Technique Coach Boston University, Harvard Dancers, Cactus Shadows Pom

Coach of many classical ballet dancers - beginners through to pre-professional and professional dancers



a dance training and performing company for Individuals with Different Abilities

a program that educates the masses that Every Body can be a Dancer


   * a schedule will be sent to participants

MEM is an outreach dance program technique based performance group. Performing is mandatory.  Fees go towards maintaining program, paying for dance lessons, choreographic fees, costume fees and more. 

These classes are made possible by Kenda Newbury but classes are held at the wonderful, supportive studio of Bender Performing Arts in Phoenix, AZ

in order for this program to expand & continue, any money you can give would be appreciated!

Audition mandatory for this class. 

Only a select spots available. We have the right to refuse services to anyone.

Payments payable to

Kenda Newbury / MEM

Mail to: 

5209 E. Hashknife Road

Phoenix, AZ 85054

Performance opportunities with NEWDance is a requirement for Participants of MEM. Commitment to Travel & Performances are required of all parents, participants & members. Forms, Payments, Class Attendance and Performances are required by all those in MEM.


Depending upon location and rental of studio space (student's responsibility), "privates" are generally recommended to be 45 minutes in length for individual, up to two hours for groups. Please know that if you are committed to one studio, privates need to be held at that studio with prior approval from director.  

 * All rental fees of the facility=the responsibility of the student/parent.